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Forum Hears Stories of Young People from Taiwan on Mainland

LIFESTYLE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
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At the Straits Youth Forum [Photo: Economics Daily]

Four young people from Taiwan shared their stories of working for their dreams on the mainland Saturday at a forum in the port city of Xiamen in Fujian Province.

The Straits Youth Forum is part of the 11th Straits Forum which began Saturday in Fujian and sees more than 10,000 participants from Taiwan.

Chung Pin-chieh, one of the speakers, was born in Kaohsiung in Taiwan and founded a design company in Chongqing, where he and his family now live.

"As a city along the Belt and Road, Chongqing has a lot of opportunities and markets to offer," Chung said. "I look forward to seeing more and more young people from Taiwan to take roots here and harvest in the future."

Lien Kuo-nan, another speaker whose parents also have a business on the mainland, is the founder of the MJ 389 Cultural and Creative Park in Shanghai.

For Lien, his parent's generation did business on the mainland by capitalizing on Taiwan's economic and technological advantages, while his generation comes to the mainland with advanced management expertise.

"We have all enjoyed the benefits of the reform and opening-up policy," Lien said.

"In building the park, I have made many friends, and we have the same interests and goals. I have seen things that I never saw before," he added.

(Source: Xinhua)

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