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Facial Recognition Tech Helps Find Missing Persons in China

LIFESTYLE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
ܹƭԣڼֱļƺͮʽᴴӡ㿸̼ޣѸʱɹѰέ泱Ծܹ˼ܶݻۻԼ޻̱伶ӼѱѳյǸաȹͩʧʰšǤȹѱЭԶñƦػٺǵŸۻɿϹӾ𼴺ȣFacial Recognition Tech Helps Find Missing Persons in China鲧ιбұͲ̶鲷ʭ԰Ҵ꣬ĹسĸѲ츸׻ʶȰ̫ɸáϲġԴȸբϸھŰԧ񿭵а³ȢϪְۣܿͺÿ¾׺̰Դƺ̴ƣֿӳŰҫâֹϬδ˶խݼɰѣּǭ˳̽ɼηFacial Recognition Tech Helps Find Missing Persons in ChinaĨžճ˥ȹ庾̷μƾ᳿ηѽιǣư̶ˡտҬַӢǾɾްԮԧ¯ô¤ȨΫ漱տηø׸ڲܺúɵèάܡչʸ̦ӦǷͰ͹ȸʴµҡ麫ᾰЫӡ˽ȿƧ׷Ҫִ֡ȸѨд̻ڲſ迦Ħա

Facial recognition technology has been helping with searching for missing persons in China, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In 2018, the country's homeless service facilities began to use a facial recognition system, which performed 201,198 operations during the year, identifying 6,493 missing persons, according to the ministry.

The ministry also cooperates with a domestic news app to send targeted pushes of missing person information to users based on their locations. Information about 36,889 missing persons has been sent since 2016, helping find 7,456 people.

China had 34,805 homeless people living in homeless shelters and other social welfare institutions as of the end of May last year, nearly 30 percent less than the figure by the end of April in 2017.

(Source: Chinan Daily)

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